Tuesday, 5 February 2013



We finally have snow settled on the ground here! :) All the time England had the snow we had none up here in the North of Scotland! Lets see if we get enough for Sophie to build a snowman.

Tuesday afternoon's Sophie goes to a 2 - 3 group at a nursery in town, thank god! She has been a bit of a terror the last couple of days, terrible two's! Saturday she was very good when we had our trip out to Inverness. 

We have recently been successful in potty training, going to Inverness in no nappy was the first big trip for her  NO accidents :) Each time we stopped at a craft shop I would ask at least twice if she needed a wee wee, I had taken the potty with us and plenty of changes of clothes!  After lunch she still hadn't been so I took her to the toilet and sat her on it anyway, she did a wee! :) And that was her until we got home, she even had a nap in the car with no accidents!

Next we will be attempting no nappy overnight!

As I said we went to Inverness on Saturday, I managed to persuade hubby to take me to 3 crafts shops :) And we had a nice lunch out.


Going paint shopping later as I need to get paint for my orders, I have about 5 orders to paint and decorate this week, I think two of them are for Valentines so thy will b done first, also have two orders for memory boxes :) One wedding and one for a little girl.

Busy busy, also need to get stock together for a little stall at coffee club on Friday morning and for our first craft fair of the year on 2nd March.

Looking forward to Friday evening, first evening of the new adult craft club :)  Hopefully its well attended so it carry's on.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Monday Update

Well we didn't actually get out today as the weather is awful!! On and off snow blizzards. So we've been indoors pottering about. Finished up-cycling a frame for a picture I had done for Hubby's Christmas present. Done some work on a top table decoration for my cousin's wedding in August. And planning the decoration of a memory box for a customer.

Sophie has been playing with variety of toys, and doing some singing! Have no idea what she's singing but she's happy!!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Normal Day


Well the weather looks grim, typical when I've got to go out later, dentist this afternoon!  Also paint shopping, have a few orders to start this week, going to be very busy!!   No doubt my little girl will 'help' me :) 

I'm currently sat on the sofa with Nick Jnr on the tele, have just watched Curious George that my daughter loves! My doggie Alfie is spread out on the sofa next to me asleep and quietly snoring! Hubby has gone to work for the day. 

I will get up and have a shower soon, or we might just have a lazy morning before we go out this afternoon.

The last few days my entire body has seemed to ache, all joints are stiff, yesterday hardly did anything, didn't even go out and I was exhausted!  This morning I am currently in my usual pain, grrr which means I'll have to take painkillers earlier then I usually do. 

Been reading the Daily Mail online and one story caught my eye, and not in a good way!!  


About Me


My name is Jolene, I am 34 yrs old this July!  I am married to the love of my life, my man in uniform :) 

I have one daughter who is my little miracle! 

I also have one dog, Alfie who is very spoilt! 

I am a forces wife, Crohn's Disease sufferer, Mother, Crafter, Dog owner, daughter, grand-daughter. 

I live in Scotland as I move wherever my husband goes.